Fishing Thought
The acronym OWNTOW (One Way Not The Only Way) is a simplification of the phrase "this is one way to do or think about something, it is not the only way".  The first time I heard these words was in 1984, they were constantly being repeated during every phase of firearms and tactical training by Sgt Karl Buettner who was the lead instructor for the 15th Metro-Dade Miami, Special Response Team (SRT) course.

Up until this time everything I had learned about living life and its many different aspects had been pretty one sided (this what you have to believe, this is how you must act, etc.). While studying the effect these words had on my tactical mindset, I realized that they related equally well to everything that affected me and in particular how I perceived life.

This simple phrase caused me to reexamine how I dealt with the world and has since become the foundation of my philosophy on dealing with people, tasks, problem solving and life in general. If you believe in the single mindedness of your way is the only way, you are missing out on valuable opportunities and or options for a more equitable and efficient solution to everyday issues. 

Take it Slow